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This website is designed to give you the latest information regarding the Village of Bettsville, Ohio.
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Gary Harrison 

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Village Administrator:
Jon Dabrunz 

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Fiscal Officer:
Angela Michaels 






Village Council Members:



Council President
Scott Harrison

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Joyce Harrison

419-986-5717 telephone


Bill Klaiss, Jr.

419-986-5985 telephone


Stan Poe

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Robert Toy

419-986-6169 telephone


Steve Turpin

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Council Meetings are held at the Village Complex on the
first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. 
Village residents and the public are encouraged to attend~
Many meetings are reviewable via our YouTube® channel.
Here's a link to our most recent village council meeting:

Tuesday, June 10 2014 council meeting

Council Committees
Park: Rob Toy 
Finance: Scott Harrison 
Clean Up: Joyce Harrison
Police: Bill Klaiss Jr.
Fire: Steve Turpin
Zoning: Scott Harrison
Water and Sewer Superintendent: Dave Clark
Water and Sewer Billing Clerk: Carolyn Tompkins
Village Solicitor: Rick Palau

Bettsville Village Complex
308 Emma Street
P.O. Box 505
Bettsville, Ohio, 44815-0505
GPS coordinates here
Phone: 419-986-5636
Fax:  419-986-5304
Billing Clerk/Secretary: 419-986-5636

Police Emergency: 911
Police Non-Emergency: 419-986-5748
Fire Emergency: 911
Fire Non-Emergency: 419-986-5141

Park: 419-986-6279

Police Dept Fire Dept
911 911
Non-emergency numbers:
419-986-5748 419-986-5141
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